Tuesday, July 22, 2014

a year and half later

Hey world.. how has life been?
Well alot has changed for me since we last talked:
  • I got pregnant with my second child... and had a boy named Winn on Oct 9, 2012. 
He is my precious baby boy.. I don't know what it is but he loves his mama too.  Don't get me wrong, I love Hayleigh but she loves her daddy differently than she loves me and I guess it's ok, since I have Winn.  He is so sweet when he says "I love you mama"  And he runs and hugs you.  Melt my heart.

 Here we are at his first Christmas.. he was a little older than 2 months.. 

 This was Winn before he was baptized.  He is wearing the same gown his cousin Canon wore.  Just look at that sweet face.

Here are Winn and Hayleigh at Winn's first birthday party.  She looks so grown and he has the sweetest toothless grin. 

Many days I sit here and think how in the world could I have such sweet babies.

We are so blessed

  • I started a new job in April 2013 and have since resigned in July 2014 with Truth Be Told Art.
Truth Be Told Art is an amazing company and I loved working for them.  It was several of my passions rolled into one... my love for Jesus.. for art and for women.  But after being away from my children at dinner time and most weekend Saturdays, with God's nuge I realized it was time to end that era of my life.  So I am not teaching art with TBTA anymore.. but if you live in Georgia or South Carolina, we have artist in your area and you can still have a paint party!
  • I went on my first ever mission trip overseas... to Haiti with a high school best friend in June 2014. 

We did a lot of things the week we were there. 
-Visited two orphanges: House of Hope and New Hope. 
- Visited two churches
- Visited a deaf community
- Worked at a school - Remax for 3 days
- Attended a graduation

  • I have lost 20 pounds from Jan 2014 to April 2014
  • I have started singing in the praise band at church in July 2014
  • I have started back full time at State Farm - which is why I will be blogging again..  
So lots more to share.. and even more about these fun and exciting things.
to be continued

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