Friday, July 6, 2012

Lots of catching up...

I definitely have blog failure.. though honestly I'm not sure anyone reads it anymore either, but either way, I need to update.  So much has happen since my last post...
We put in 120 plants making a new flower bed in our backyard under some oak trees were we could not get any grass to grow. 

We shuffled our house around so that we could have our carpets removed and hardwood floors installed.. (Well we removed the carpet.. )

Here is Hayleigh playing on our bed in the foyer.

Here is our den, with all the furniture protected as we move out for 2 weeks to have the floors done.  It's been over 1.5 weeks now and I think we'll be out a little longer than originally hoped.

Here is a picture of the floor.  You can see the original stain on the top half and the stain we are using is directly below it.  We are trying to match it as best we can.  I think it looks pretty close to me! (the two bottom stains are not what we are using.) but you can see the new wood floor that has been laid down and transitions into Hayleigh's future room!

Paul ran the Peachtree.. and we got to see our Atlanta friends.  Hayleigh hung out with Davis (her future husband) seen below.  They had a great time playing together.

They would crawl into the dog's pen and Hayleigh would say "night - night".

We went to the beach, just our little family one week while we are out of the house.  Hayleigh really got into playing on the beach this time.  More so than she did when we went in May with Paul's family. 

She has also really started walking good.  Started around the end of May, but now she definitely walks more than she crawls.  It's the cutest walk.  Here is a video of her walking back in earlier June.

I am 26 weeks and 1 day today.. still feeling sick from time to time, but hanging in there.  I am just soooo ready to not be pregnant anymore.  But I know Winn needs a few more months to grow.  Yes, in case you haven't heard we are naming him Winfield James Hitchcock... nickname Winn.  Very excited!  I am to the point of struggling to sleep and it's so hot.. hot hot hot! 

This month is going to be busy too.. once the floors are done, we'll "move" back in.. clean and then Hayleigh's room needs to be painted.. then it's moving Hayleigh upstairs and fixing up the nursery for WINN! I still can't believe I'm 26 weeks.. I hope this last semester flies!

Have a great rest of your summer!!

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I still read your blog!