Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When three become FOUR!!

I am almost 15 weeks and I must admit this pregnancy does feel faster than the first one.  Though I have been much sicker with this one than the last.  I'm secretly hoping "much sicker" means boy this time, but only time will tell. We actually find out next week... and I'm thrilled!  I am such a planner and I'm ready to know.  But then comes names.. and Paul and I are having disagreements on names.  He vetoes what I like and I veto his favorites.  Hope this kid becomes something other than Hitchcock baby#2.. ha!

Hayleigh is officially 13 months.. and is loving her new found freedom of crawling faster and talking constantly.  She also LOVES to eat! And I mean everything.  She especially loves lima beans, green beans, string cheese, grapes, and tender meats like pork and chicken.  She loves her daily school program and enjoys spending that time with new friends.  I am so happy she is happy there as it has made the transition into working alot easier.  Hayleigh isn't walking yet, but is pushing toys and walking holding onto things. I think she'll be crusin hands free within the next month.  We installed our baby gate on the stairs 3 days after she found the joy in crawling up them. 

At her year check-up, she was 28.5 inches tall and 19 lbs 1 oz.  Still fairly tall and thin.  We are wearing 18 month clothes for the length but having to pin most waist because she is a skinny mini.  She loves books, her cousins, her pink big girl chair which she gets in and out and in and out of... plus she got this cool Hippo tent for her birthday and it also has become a huge hit!Everything is da, da, da, da... I am trying to get her to say "da-de" for Paul so that it's different from all the other da, da, da, da. 

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